A Bit About Me

I’m Allison Saia and my passion in life is to help others find their true voice and use it to change themselves and the world.

Being authentic and honest can be very daunting.  But, everything you want lies on the other side of that fear. You need to become the person you were meant to be. You have struggled for years figuring out who you are, trying so hard to find that place where you belong. Desperate to have your voice heard. There is so much inside of you screaming out to the world, but you’re paralyzed by fear.

I’ve been there.

This isn’t just about writing a book. Sure, I’ve helped hundreds of people write and publish their stories.

This is about healing. Using the written word to heal what is inside of you, to empower you. And doing so might just help you in every aspect of your life as well.

Through my own personal writing and journals, I’ve pulled myself out of many situations that could have consumed me. I had the knowledge of WHAT to do in those situations, tangible things that served a distinct purpose. But, what I needed was what to do with the inside stuff. The stuff that I didn’t exactly want to talk about, but couldn’t keep quiet about.

That’s when I turned to an old friend, writing. Journals had been a part of my life since childhood. I had that sacred diary with a little key that I kept in my nightstand. The one where I would complain about the girls at school or my parents. And you know what? As juvenile as it seems, it helped.

I found myself in the pages of my journal or the keys of my laptop. I found that if I just got it down on paper, through a poem or an essay, it didn’t sit inside me anymore and fester.

It’s my passion to help other people tell their authentic stories and silence the voices in their heads that tell them they’re not good enough. Maybe it’s a time management problem or you don’t believe that you have a story to tell. But, most likely FEAR is what is holding you back! You’re thinking: What if I’m a bad writer? What if people laugh at me? What if people don’t like me? What if… fill in the blank. But let me ask you a question: What if YOUR story helped someone else during their darkest hours? What if writing your story is what ultimately empowers you?

Allow your voice to empower others. Your story will give them the courage to share theirs!

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