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“Working with Allison Saia as my editor was wonderful. Allison has the soul of a writer and the eye of an eagle. What more could a writer wish for? Allison caught the typos, missing words and punctuation errors that my rapid fire fingers create. Her gentle suggestions felt encouraging rather than corrective. When I need an editor again, she is at the top of my very short list! I highly recommend her!”

Susan R.

Allison is a fantastic editor.  I loved how easily she connected with the material I was writing about.It amazed me how she was able to take three of my paragraphs and condense them into one all while saying and portraying the same message with the content.  She greatly surprised me when she had my entire book edited in a very short time. She has a fantastic way of making things flow. You can feel she enjoys doing her natural talent as a career, as it reflects in her personality as she’s always prompt, professional, and very kind!  I could not have been aligned with a better editor. I recommend and speak highly of her to many as a recommendation. She was wonderful to work with and I would most certainly ask of her assistance again with any future books I may write.

Cheri S.

Working with Allison has truly become a journey of my transformation to being the woman I was truly designed to be. Her coaching style keeps me encouraged and learning something new everyday.  Her calm, yet corrective demeanor, keeps me on track and she consistently makes me realize that I can accomplish more with my writing than I really think I can. I look forward to our continued journey of me getting my story out to the world. I have no doubt that her exceptional coaching skills will see me through to completion.  I “highly” recommend her as there is no doubt she is not only amazing coach; but she also has a deep passion for what she does and for those she serve.

Sarah C.

“Allison made co-authoring and publishing my first book truly professional, inspirational, and on point. I feel so fortunate to have had her coaching as my editor because her high regard for my message was evident, keeping the message pure. She understands the skill of coaching, helping keep authors in the game and pulling out the deepest and best from us. Her guidance was step-by-step, with a constant eye to preventing overwhelm and burnout. Her ability to be vulnerable with her own writing continues to be an inspiring role model. Her technical skill with the English language beautifully weaves word pictures that easily draw in her audience. I have learned more than I can possibly say here, and continue to bask in the brilliance of her shining light.”

Deonne Wright

“I came to Allison with a shaky first draft that I had been working on for years. My heart knew it was time to get serious or it would take years to complete on my own or that the project would never be given the life it was destined to. I was given more from the experience working with her than I ever hoped for. From day one she truly guides the soul of the writer with her big heart and expert guidance. I highly recommend Allison Cline Saia to anyone feeling the call to share their truth. She helps support you through the entire process from start to finish with wherever you are. Without her I would not have my published book in hand! Congratulations Allison I am looking forward to celebrating all the lucky authors that work with you bring their stories to life. It is true magic what you do. Thank you so much for helping me realize this dream.”

Brandy Y.