Manuscript Evaluation


You have spent hours, days, months, maybe even years writing your manuscript. You may have shared it with a few family members or close friends, but you’re wondering what a publishing professional would think. That’s where I come in. I can give you my honest, professional, and helpful feedback on your manuscript.


Basic Evaluation: I will read and give feedback on the first 40 pages of your manuscript. After my in-depth reading, we will have a 1-hour call where I will go over my findings and answer any questions you have about the evaluation. I’ll offer you my recommendations on improving your manuscript and also provide you with a 2-page written overview of my findings. The cost to you is $199. These first 40 pages will give me a good sense of your writing style and how I can help you proceed.

Complete Evaluation: If you would like me to read and evaluate your entire manuscript up to 350 pages, I will provide you with an in-depth written overview of my findings, along with a 2-hour call to discuss my findings. Your cost is $999 for up to 350 pages. After 350 pages, each additional page is $3.