It is apparent as I sit here and ponder society that it is inevitable that we all believe in the ramblings of a madman.

You, me, them, us…isn’t it all rambling. As such your rambling is my rambling and mine yours yet

you so often dismiss mine as it isn’t yours but then the future unfolds.

We are all mad, mad men, mad women…who’s to say we are not that, that which justifies being, that which justifies living and dying. The justification alone of existing makes us mad!

The psychosomatic schematic of the new age lies within, waiting to be brought to the surface as just another turmoil, ambivalent to the world of light and dark but wondrous to the naked eye.

It is there, for the taking, grasp it and spew it forth…it shall sink in because we are all mad…it is the justification that makes us such!